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Terrace Steel Works since 1979

Welding, fabricating and mobile welding services

Fabricating Services

A range of fabricating services are available including plate forming and shaping. We can bend and break up to 12′ of 5/16″ plate. Need more? Check out our full list of fabricating services.

Welding Services

We have a full service welding shop available for any job. Bring it to us or get our mobile welding truck services on your location. See ourfull list of welding services

Machine Shop

We offer a variety of machining services including plate forming, shaping, rolling and more! Browse ourlist of machine shop services available.

About Terrace Steel Works

Qualified Welding and Fabrication Experts

We are a well-established, experienced, and consistently growing company located in Terrace, BC. We have been serving the needs of commercial as well as industrial businesses in the Northwest region since 1979. Our wide range of services includes fabrication, welding, machining, supplying steel, and onsite mobile welding in Terrace, Kitimat, and Northwest British Columbia.


Professional Machining Service

We take pride in providing our clients with reliable machining services in Terrace, Prince Rupert, Kitimat, and the Northwest BC area. Our team of CWB-certified engineers delivers innovative results to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied. Our machining services include:

  1. Turning
  2. Boring
  3. Drilling
  4. Tapping
  5. Sawing
  6. Milling
  7. Pressing
  8. Broaching
  9. Honing

High-Quality and Custom Welding and Fabrication Services

Equipment used in the logging and mining industries experience constant wear and tear, affecting how long they will last. Terrace Steel Works is the best welding shop you can find in Terrace. We offer safe and reliable welding and fabrication services, so you  do not have to worry about anything. We have been offering qualified welding and fabrication services in Terrace for more than 40 years.

With the help of our experience and machinery, we can handle small as well as massive projects. Regardless of the project's nature, our qualified team of technicians is always ready to weld and fabricate based on your specifications. For your convenience, we also offer onsite mobile repair services.

Contact Us

Terrace Steel Works has been serving customer for more than 40 years. Our services are available in Terrace, Kitimat, Prince Rupert, and the Northwest British Columbia region. Contact us at 250-635-6161 to book our services.

Reliable Welding Services in Terrace

Our welding services generally include the following:

  1. Shielded metal arc welding
  2. Gas metal arc welding
  3. Flux cored arc welding
  4. Tungsten Inert Gas Welding

Custom Fabrication Services

We offer custom fabrication services so you can have everything according to your liking. Our fabrication capabilities include the following:

  1. 4 Fully-Equipped Service Bays
  2. Plate forming and shaping
  3. Shape cutting
  4. Straight line stripping
  5. Rolling to 8' of ½' plate
  6. Our fabrication shop can bend and brake up to 12' of 5/16" plate
  7. Shearing to 10' of ½" mild steel plate
  8. Hole punching

Onsite Welding Services for Your Convenience

We combine our expertise and decades of experience in the field to deliver the best results. From small repairs to large projects, our certified technicians can help. Your business can contact us for quick jobsite repair of these different equipments:

  1. Excavators
  2. Bobcats
  3. Forklifts
  4. Man lifts
  5. Bull-dozers
  6. Balers and compactors
  7. Transport truck
  8. Delimbers
  9. Skidders
  10. Drills


What People Think

About Our Services

We are extremely satisfied with the fabrication services provided by Terrace Steel Works. The team understood our specifications and went beyond expectations to accommodate our project. We were impressed by their attention to detail and safety.

-Samuel M.

We have been working with Terrace Steel Works for the past several years. They are always dedicated to delivering material on time. Plus, the quality of their products makes them a supplier we are always happy to work with.


Steel Sales

Do you need steel for your project? We offer a variety of steel products for your mechanical and structural needs.

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