There’s always a need to form, shape, and cut down different metals to construct new structures; the process of metal fabrication fulfills this need. The fabrication techniques have advanced with the technology’s progress, and new innovative methods have been introduced. Different tools and machines are used by metal fabrication services to shape, cut, and design metals into finished products.

 Metal Cutting Equipment

The metal fabrication services use different tools to cut the metal sheets according to the required measurements.Some of the tools used in the metal fabrication process are mentioned below.


  • Angle grinders

The angle grinders are used by the metal fabrication services to cut the metals according to required sizes. The metal spins in the angle grinder and passes through the material, providing the necessary cuts along with the surface. An angle grinder is a useful machine for the metal fabrication process, and various cuts can be obtained through this machine.


  • Power shears

Power shears are used to cut the metal in a smaller size to be used for various purposes. Power shear is like a pair of scissors and can efficiently cut the metal sheets according to the measurements. Different metal fabrication shops widely use this tool to get the required size of the metal.

Metal Fusion Equipment

  • Filler wire

The filler wire is high voltage equipment used to produce enough energy sparks to melt the metal sheet’s tips that will be welded together. Many metal fabrication shops use the filler wire during the MIG welding process.


  • Torch

A torch is a piece of welding equipment that creates sparks to soften the surfaces of the two metal sheets that will be put together. The high power torch melts the two adjacent metal surfaces and creates a moulded metal pool merged through the filler equipment. Many metal fabrication shops use the torch wire during the welding process.

Metal Stretching equipment

The process of metal stretching is generally used during metal sheet fabrication to obtain complex metal shapes and to form holes through the metal sheets.


  • English wheel

The English wheel is the type of equipment that holds a flat fixed wheel and a lower flexible panel. The metal sheet is placed between the two ends of the English wheel, where the wheel starts to turn and slowly stretch the metal out along the length. The wheel repetitively rotates to achieve the expansion of the metal. The English wheel is also used to fix the defects in the length of the metal sheet. The English wheel is commonly used by various welders and metal fabrication shops for metal sheet fabrication purposes.


  • Stretcher

A stretcher is a tool that holds two fixed edges where a metal sheet can be placed. The stretcher slowly pulls the metal apart depending on the force that is applied by the welders. The stretcher is used commonly by the metal fabrication shops in the process of metal fabrication.



Many metal fabrication shops provide top quality metal fabrication services at affordable prices. The metal fabrication shops are equipped with state of the art equipment that offers quick and effective solutions to your metal fabrication requirements. Terrace Steel Works is situated in Terrace, Canada, and provides all kinds of solutions to your needs related to traditional and mobile welding, steelworks, and metal fabrication. Metal fabrication shops might charge different amounts of money according to the nature of the metal fabrication that is required. It’s recommended to hire professionals from reputable metal fabrication shops to get the job done in the right way.

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