Everything You Need to Know Related to Various Types of Welding Procedures

One thing that everyone should know about welding jobs is that not every welding job is the same. Various welding services provide different types of welding jobs, and the cost for each welding job might vary according to the nature of the job. Before you hire a welding service, you should know what kind of welding needs to be done.

Here are the four basic types of welding procedures you should know.

TIG Welding

TIG welding is one of the most commonly used forms of welding.  The process of TIG welding uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode to heat the metal surface. In this welding process, the gas tungsten arc welding is produced from a single type of metal because no filler metal is used.  The gases used with TIG are typically argon or helium. The most significant benefit of gas tungsten arc welding is that you only need to refill the gas tank rather than replacing the electrode because, in this process, feeding is not required. Various welding services use TIG welding to weld car bodies and motorbikes.

Arc Welding

The arc welding process uses a wire and has a flux core that instantly produces a gas shield around the weld. Many welding services also use dual-shielded welding, which uses an external gas supply to create a secondary shield for a much more secure weld. There’s no need to refill the gas tank in the arc welding process, although you might need to replace it once in a while because it is combustible. Welding services primarily use arc welding for heavy steel construction and erection, heavy repairs, and heavy machinery. Arc welding is not suitable for thin materials and requires finishing to form the final product.

Stick Welding

Shielded metal arc welding is the oldest form of arc welding procedure. The welding procedure is quite simple, but it produces extremely solid welds and is usually used for welding thicker materials.

Stick welding works with the help of a single electrode that delivers the majority of the welding material. The electrode gets heated and melts, resulting in extreme heat softening the workpiece and welding the two metal parts. The combustible rod is coated with a flux that forms a shield around the weld, which helps the weld stay intact. The combustible rod is required to be changed frequently during the welding process. Various welding services use the shielded metal arc welding in construction-related work because of the strong weld it provides. Stick welding can be used to weld thick materials, such as the cast iron, which can be tough to be welded with other types of welding.


Different welding services have various areas of expertise, so you should be well informed about what kind of welding job you are looking for. It’s recommended to hire experienced technicians from reputable welding service providers, so you get the job done in the right manner. The welding service provider would ensure that their trained staff gets the welding job done in time.

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